A welcome with some massive news!

Welcome to thecraftbeerchannel.com! It’s taken nearly three years to get round to it, but we’ve always needed a website for lots of important reasons.

You may not know this, even if you have been watching the channel since it started in 2013, but I (Jonny) am actually a writer, not a presenter or cameraman. Everything we’ve done on the channel has been learnt on the fly, from what brett is all the way to how to edit videos. Now it seems we know how to build websites too!

While we can now showcase our videos in beautiful playlists, this site is more about getting our written words out there. In videos we focus on the fun of craft beer – getting a little tipsy talking to amazing people about the craft they have dedicated their lives to. The news and features here will be more about the serious side. We hope to conduct in-depth interviews with our favourite brewers and chefs, and to show off Brad’s mad photography skillz. We’ve got lots of features lined up, so watch this space!

It’s also going to be a source for news of what is going on at the Craft Beer Channel. We’re always working on projects and have lots of exciting things in the pipeline, including columns, TV appearances, a merch shop and, perhaps most excitingly, not one but TWO books!

That’s right. The Craft Beer Channel have scored themselves a book deal with the awesome MANGO in the States and well…Penguin! We’re not going to release any more details yet, but we’re halfway through the writing process of the first book and it’s shaping up to be a really exciting read, and very much in the spirit of the Craft Beer Channel on Youtube. The second book, well, we’re tight lipped for now.

So all that’s left to say in this first post is thank you thank you thank you for watching, reading, commenting, trolling and of course drinking. We hope to keep you lot entertained, educated and thirsty for years to come.

Love & beer,

Jonny (and the Brad)

4 thoughts on “A welcome with some massive news!

  1. Continue having fun! You’re enthusiasm is inspiring. Beer with Christmas lunch this year!

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