Welcome to the Craft Beer Channel.

The Craft Beer Channel is a multi-award-winning Youtube channel dedicated to great beer, food and travel. We have over 65,000 subscribers and 3m views on Youtube, been featured on BBC Radio 4 and London Live, and write for Good Beer Hunting and the Independent.

Join us, Jonny and the Brad, as we travel the world to discover the best beers, brew collaborations, cook with beer, do food and beer matchings and generally geek out about craft beer. We met while working in the digital team for Jamie Oliver, bonding over a love of burgers and beer. Knowing nothing at the start we’ve become experts who travel world to make films, speak at conferences and try to create an air of sobriety against all odds. We don’t make much money, we don’t get much respect. But we do get to try the best beers in the world, and for us that’s enough.

We aim to entertain first and educate second. Beer is supposed to be fun, so we try to keep it that way.

At the Craft Beer Channel, when we say craft beer we mean good stuff, made with good ingredients with care by passionate people. We don’t necessarily mean small batch, we might not mean independent, we don’t mean keg, or cask. We just mean GOOD BEER.