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It’s been a long road but Brad and I are proud to present our first book, Beer School: A Crash Course in Craft Beer.

Coming off the back of our most successful series on Youtube, Beer School is a unique approach to the well-trodden path of how beer is made. Taking you from the moment the barley is grown to the point you sip, swallow and smile, it teases out the art and the science behind brewing to help you make the right choices and get maximum enjoyment from your beers. It explains how grain is malted, the processes in the mash, when the hops are added for maximum effect, and how yeast behaves can completely change a beer. But it doesn’t stop there – once the beer leaves the brewery there is still a story to tell. From here we talk about keg vs cask and bottle vs can; we talk about whether to age beer or drink fresh, and finally explain how to pour a beer properly and how to taste it like a beer judge.

From start to finish we wanted this book to embody what we do on Youtube – entertain but educate. That job is made so much easier by our muse, the beer, so if you buy the book we heartily recommend never taking in a word without a beer in your hand. We’ve got to be honest, we wrote it with one in our hands too. But this book was written in the “corners of our lives”* – on trains to breweries, planes to festivals, tubes to work and late nights in bars. The amount of effort that has gone in has been immense from both me and Brad, who designed the whole thing. We’ve learnt a huge amount and properly searched our souls, questioning every sentence and every statement while the rest of our lives hurtled on and never waited. The things we have learnt, the places it has taken us… we just really hope it takes you on the same journey.

Because that’s what beer is about.

PREORDER BEER SCHOOL RIGHT HERE! Or if you can wait, we’ll be founding our own shop on this site in late November so wait for that so we take alllllllllllll the profits.

beer school book first copy

*this is a phrase I read in an interview with Paddy Ashdown, and I love it.

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