The Craft Beer Channel is four!

Imperial stout Christmas cake

It’s well known that drunks like to get nostalgic and the Brad and I are no different. A few weeks ago we were in Nottingham cooking sausage rolls for a baying crowd when Brad got a notification on Facebook telling us that our first video went live four years ago that day.

After we got over the deep internal sadness that Facebook now remembers our lives better than we do, we decided it was a big enough milestone to mark with a flashback style blog. We’ve come a long way since our first video about cooking clams in wheat beer but it’s only when you look back through the videos that you see how far and how fast. Moving forward in an industry going at breakneck speed itself is a bit like walking down a moving train – the momentum is carrying you even faster than your steps. As a result, both the Brad and I are almost unrecognisable from the guys who started the channel, and the landscape we inhabit is equally changed. When we started we hadn’t heard of Pliny the Elder, or tasted a lambic, or seen a beer brewed. Now we’ve written books and pieces for national papers on all those things. We’ve been to San Francisco, Beijing, the Norwegian Arctic Circle to drink amazing small batch beer. We’ve seen coppers brought back to life in bombed out breweries and communities forever changed by a local producer.

It’s cheesy as an aged lambic to say it, but beer truly does bring people together. It brought me and Brad together and as a duo we’ve seen it do the same all over the world. We plan to tell more stories about this incredible movement, to tell amazing stories about beer, over a beer. It’s what humans have been doing for centuries, except now we do it on Youtube.

These are our favourites so far.

The Battle of Berlin

The video where we found our voice – putting context into beer, and exploring culture while still gently taking the piss out of it the whole time. Berlin is still our favourite European city thanks to its incredible people, history and beer.

Beer & Pizza matching ft. Pizza Pilgrims

This is still one of my favourite videos despite being very, very old and not very well shot. But pizza and beer is both me and Brad’s happy place, and we had so much fun filming it with the guys that it had to go in.

Beer School: how sour beer is made

Our favourite beer school, partly because it’s about our favourite beer style (lambic) but also because the interviews we scored for it were beyond our wildest dreams. Beer Schools take a long time to put together, which is why there aren’t many, but we hope to do a lot more.

Homebrewing in the Arctic Circle

Hands down our favourite video and the best trip we have taken with the channel – Mosjoen and the incredible people we met there will stay with us forever. And some of the homebrews we were lucky enough to try were sensational.

Brewing an East Coast IPA

One of my favourite breweries in the world and one of the most exciting brewing innovations of recent years come together in this video where we got absolutely steaming while brewing. Don’t try the forklift thing at home

Asian Oktoberfest

This was the video where we went a little bit Vice on you – but it was a hell of a lot of fun to see a culture and a beer culture so completely removed from our own. The Chinese have no idea how to drink, but that doesn’t stop them doing it.

Toer De Geuze: the unknown lambics

The weekend that we filmed this we visited every lambic brewery that exists, and put together a film we thing does a bloody good job of explaining the appeal of these unique, historic beers.

The Sofa Sessions: Adjunct stouts

A very recent video but we think this video defines us – serious points, serious beer, silly stories.

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