It’s all getting a bit serious

Well, it’s certainly been a while since we posted. Aside from our annual Golden Pints post around Christmas, it’s been over a year!

Obviously this website isn’t our focus. We see it as a little signpost that points you to what really matters – our craft beer videos. However, in case you didn’t realise, at the end of 2018 we took this project FULL TIME thanks to the amazing people who supported us on Patreon (please join them!)

So now we have time to grow this baby, we think it’s right that we plough as much love into everything we do as possible and this website has just got a massive overhaul. We’ve updated everything, tweaked its pointy bits and changed it all to our new branding, lovingly created by Brad himself. Jonny is going to be doing a weekly update to the blog from now on too. It might not be much – just some musing about something he learned or a video we shot – but we promise it will be worth checking in for.

We’ve got some amazing content and events coming your way, and here along with our Twitter account will be the best place to get more information. As well as the final three episodes from our New England adventure, we’ve got four films we made in St Pete, Florida – seriously, if you want beaches and breweries, it is paradise – and another Beer School episode in the works.

We’re also working on some more screenings for our documentary so you can watch it in high def, grill us afterwards and maybe MAYBE try a couple of the beers from the episode, which we might be able to bring over. More news on that very soon.

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